NEW: Intensives now offered with 2 practitioners to add variety and increase outcomes!


“Baniel has developed powerful, practical strategies for improving your abilities and building a better, stronger brain that are supported by the neuroscience of brain plasticity.”

~Michael Merzenich, PhD, Neuroscientist, Author of Soft-Wired

What is NeuroMovement?

What is a lesson?



Regardless of developmental challenge or diagnosis, the brain is almost always available for learning …

ADD and Learning Disabilities
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Birth Injuries
Brachial Plexus Injuries
Brain Damage
Cerebral Palsy
Developmental Delays
Down syndrome
Feeding Disorders
Fragile X Syndrome
Improving Flexibility and Strength
Increasing Mobility and Balance
Increasing Vitality and Creativity
Overcoming Aches and Pains
Overcoming Limitations due to Injury, Surgeries, or Strokes


Group Movement Class

A great way to connect with yourself in a group class setting. The class is usually 60 minutes long. Location varies upon request.


Private lessons to children ages 0-15 years. Her passion is especially the work with children in form of intensives which has been proven to be most beneficial. Children’s lessons in intensives are shorter and more frequent.


Private lessons to adults ages 16 +. Linda has been giving intensively lessons to clients with various conditions such as autism, strokes and traumatic brain injuries. Intensives possible.

2-DAY WEEKEND INTENSIVES/6 lessons for children and adults. Now offering intensives with 2 practitioners to add variation and increase outcomes!

Streaming | DVD Video Program


Learn Powerful Tools to Help Yourself or Others

This powerful program consists of 16 DVDS with over 23 hours of video. In this series of videos, you will witness the amazing transformations that are possible for children with special needs.

You will learn the tools to wake up your child’s brain for potent learning that leads to breakthrough results for your child—physical, cognitive, emotional, and social.


Linda is serving the Los Angeles area, La Verne and  Claremont.

Her Certifications include: ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner; ABM for Children with Special Needs; ABM for Anti-Aging & Vitality and ABM for High Performers; 2 Supervisions with Sylvia Shordike, and Suzi Mark’s Workshop.

Linda is now a Teaching Assistant at Anat Baniel Practitioner Trainings in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Clients say

“Roby’s diet consisted of crackers only for years and we tirelessly tried to sneak in some vegetable powders sprinkled on top. After the first intensive with Linda, Roby ate a veggie burger for the first time, and slowly started trying more and more new foods. He will now drink a green smoothie!”


“I now go from sitting to standing with ease. When I walk my hips move and it’s like my ribs bobble on top and more. I am no longer a still board.
I went to the bank and hair appointment for the first time and didn’t have to put earplugs in. I am so amazed. My whole body works differently now and I can feel so much. Now I also can listen to classical and some mellow rock music. I am so amazed and happy. Thank you so very much. If you have more weekend sessions please include me it’s so changing my life.” (Traumatic Brain Injury, 3 years after accident)


Ruby learns something new in front of our eyes every time we have an intensive and the time after. She rolled over for the first time, learned army-crawling, coming up on all fours and now is learning to come to sitting within a 6 months period. This work is miraculous!

Ruby 20 month old, Cri Du Chat Syndrome

Landon is extremely talkative, creative and happy since the lessons. Thank you!

Landon 6 yrs, Autism (speech is major concern for parents)

I would like to thank you for everything you have done. I really appreciate it, it has helped my mom a lot, she’s been doing a lot better and has now a lot more movement in the affected side. Also, her chronic pain in neck spine area disappeared after the first lesson.

Blas 60+ yrs, Stroke survivor who received an intensive 10 days after her stroke

“Len som Ti chcela povedat, ze od Tvojej terapie som nemala ziadny problem so zavratmi. Dufam, ze som to neuriekla. Predtym som mala problemy kazdy den. Ani som sa nevedela sustredit na nic. Aj pamat mi vynechavala. No strasne. Teraz som uplne iny clovek. ne-DAKUJEM”

I just wanted to tell you that I didn’t experience vertigo since the therapy (knocking on wood). Before I had those problems daily. I couldn’t focus at all, my memory was failing. Horrible. I am a completely different person now. THANK YOU.

Nada Nada has sent her testimonial two months after NeuroMovement lessons. She received 2 sessions in one day back then.

As a former professional tennis player, I’ve experienced pretty much every type of injury over the years and have probably tried every type of therapy you can think of – massages, acupuncture, traditional physical therapy. However, I have to say that ABM is remarkably a very different approach. Linda´s gentle approach calmed me and helped me be more aware of my skeletal movement.

Stanka Former professional tennis player

John reported to be standing much flatter on the ground, his posture has changed, his breathing improved and even his voice has changed. Now he says, he understands what NeuroMovement lessons are like for his son.

John Dad of child with CP, has been given a parent lessons

Ambyr said after the lesson: “This is crazy, I am totally new person.”

Ambyr Received a parent lesson, has child with challenges

Endless possibilities

For a worldwide listing of certified NeuroMovement® professionals serving Children with Special Needs, please visit www.NeuroConnect.world