With Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement anything is possible.

While a typical child’s brain undergoes an estimated over 1 million new neurological connections per second (age 0 – 3) this ability to further develop and grow fades dramatically with age. Brain trauma, illness, injuries, developmental challenges and/or any kind of diagnosis will further tremendously impact and even limit this process. With NeuroMovement® we create opportunities for the nervous system to feel and perceive so the process of creating new neural connections is awake and functioning. This natural way of awakening the brain to become stronger and better allows for learning and development. What’s most exciting: The brain can use the connections it created in infinite —sometimes unpredictable— ways to develop other skills never thought possible.

We never know how many little steps the brain needs take in order to achieve what we have set for it to achieve. One of Anat’s Essentials is flexible goals and this is very empowering. Any CHAGE IS a change to the brain and that is BIG! It is a proof that the brain is plastic and the possibilities of brain plasticity are endless with Anat Baniel’s powerful tools. It is estimated that when the learning switch is on the brain can create about 1.8 million of new neural connections per second at any age!

It is recommended that the child’s caregivers or any professionals working with the child (student) on ABM NeuroMovement® a Protocol learn more about the method and experience it for themselves. Anat Baniel’s book KIDS BEYOND LIMITS offers a great introductory portal into the world of wonder of this method. Anat’s 9 essentials are explained in an easy and digestable way so that anybody can start implementing these right away. It is not necessary to study the whole book before using the essentials.

If you would like the connect with parents and caregivers to ask about their experience and their outcomes, a great way to do it is to join a Facebook group Anat Baniel Method Parents/Caregivers.

“The Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement is defined as random movements with predicatable outcomes.” ~ Anat Baniel

“Movement is the language of the brain.” ~ Anat Baniel

“Baniel has developed powerful, practical strategies for improving your abilities and building a better, stronger brain that are supported by the neuroscience of brain plasticity.” ~ Dr. Michael Merzenich, PhD, “father” of Neuroplasticity, Author of Soft-Wired, and Winner of 2016 Kavli Prize in Neuroscience