Group Movement Classes

Group TML (Transformation Movement Lessons) are currently offered only via Zoom from the convenience of your home. These lessons are usually 45-60 minutes long and are done usually in lying down, sitting, kneeling, or standing. All that is needed is a mat and towels (as props if needed). If you are interested in a series of a lessons (usually 10) for your organization please e-mail Linda.

Private Lessons

Private one-on-one lessons for children and adults ages 0-100 years. Linda offers intensives (which is a cluster of lessons over a short period of time) which may range in number and frequency. A lesson for children is 30 min long and lesson for adults is 45 min long. Lessons take place on a practitioners table or on the floor. These lessons are due to current regulations not given at Linda’s office location.

Virtual At Home Coaching

At Home Coaching Program for families with children with special needs was invented by Anat Baniel as a result of COVID situation. Since May 2020 Anat Baniel has trained practitioners of this method in a 2 level training program. Linda feels very fortunate to have taken both levels. This revolutionary approach via Zoom, when the caregiver (most often parent) is coached to work with his/her child at home brought about astounding and fascinating outcomes and will very likely become a must needed part of Anat’s Practitioner Program in the future.